DKMS Lawyers New Office in Batam

DKMS Lawyers, as a growing business law firm, is expanding its wings by opening a branch in Batam. The Batam office is located on the 8th Floor, Suite 805-2S Graha Pena Batam Building which is located at Jl. Ahmad Yani, Tlk. Tering, Batam City district, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444.

This new office is expected to serve those who need legal assistance and/or advice especially in Batam Free Trade Zone area.

DKMS Lawyers are entrusted to conduct a Feasibility Study of Utility Network Facility Project in Bali

A team of lawyers from DKMS Lawyers together with a number of technical specialists from a Consulting Company have been appointed to assist National Planning Board (“Bappenas”) to conduct a Feasibility Study for Ducting Project in Bali’s busiest tourism spots of Kuta Legian and Seminyak. The project is aimed at relocating the aerial cables that are dangling and hanging from street poles into the underground. The final result of this project is expected to create better environment for the tourists and communities living in the surrounding area.

DKMS Lawyers accompanies BP Batam in reviewing the SPAM Batam Cooperation Agreement

DKMS Lawyers has been appointed as the lawyer of Batam Free Trade Zone Authority (“BP Batam”) upon winning the tender to assist the transaction of a new concession for the operation and maintenance of Upstream and Downstream Water Supply Project in the entire Batam Free Trade Zone area. This new concession will last for the next 15 years.

Feasibility Study of Bus Terminals in Lampung and Sidoarjo

Along with Ducting Project,  a team of lawyers from DKMS Lawyers together with a number of technical specialists from a Consulting Company have also been appointed to assist National Planning Board (“Bappenas”) to conduct a Feasibility Study for 2 Public Private Partnership Projects for Bus Terminals in Sidoarjo and Central Lampung. The success of these 2 projects is expected to facilitate and support the community mobility in the said areas and develop the areas to be commercial areas where the surrounding community can enjoy.

DKMS Lawyer conducts the Feasibility Project of the Bodri Dam

The Ministry of Public Work has appointed a team of lawyers from DKMS Lawyers to finalise the Feasibility Study of a Public Private Partnership Project to construct a Dam in BODRI areas Central Java Indonesia. This dam will have a positive impact for the surrounding community of Kendal Municipality. The project is aimed at supporting the development of the agricultural sector and developing the industrial and tourism sectors in accordance with the vision and mission of the Kendal Regent to make Kendal Regency a center for industry and tourism.

DKMS Lawyers’ Founding Partner becomes a Resource Person in Queen Mary’s Webinar

Queen Mary University of London, held a webinar in collaboration with PAPKPBU Indonesia (Association of Professional Experts on Government and Business Entities) on July 22, 2021. The webinar is part of the CCLS Indonesia Chapter which aims to create a community run by alumni for alumni.

In the webinar with the theme “Benchmarking the Indonesian legal and Regulatory Practices in Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the International Legal and Regulatory Best Practices”, Dhonke Kafi as one of the founding partners of DKMS Lawyers as well as an alumni from Queen Mary, became one of the speakers and brought the topic of “Legal Issues of the Implementation of PPP Projects in Indonesia”.

Filling in the PPP Expert Training Materials in Medan

One of the founding partners of DKMS Lawyers and General Treasurer of the Indonesian PAPKPBU (Professional Association of Government and Business Entities Cooperation), Dhonke Kafi, had the opportunity to be a resource person in the In-House Training “Basic Level PPP Expert Training” held in Medan on 18th to 21st March 2021.

The training was attended by approximately 15 members of the BPSDM (Human Resource Development Agency) of the North Sumatra Provincial Government. Through this training, it is hoped that the stakeholders of the PPP project in North Sumatra, as one of the provinces that have great potential, can carry out the project properly and correctly.

A Team From DKMS Lawyers assist BP Batam with PT Surveyor Indonesia in the new Batam Airport transaction

BP Batam is currently undergoing a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) transaction to upgrade Hang-Nadim International Airport. Such activities include the selection of the Private-Partner and negotiation of a Cooperation Agreement with the selected investor.

To assist BP Batam in the transaction, a team of lawyers from “DKMS Lawyers”  in collaboration with PT Surveyor Indonesia (Persero) have been appointed to realise the project.

The activities started on 04 January 2021 and expectedly by the month of May, the Private Partner will have been selected.