Light Sentences Given to Illegal Loggers Disappoints the Indigenous People of Maluku The indigenous people of Maluku, specifically the Sabuai people, Pematang, Siwalalat, Eastern Seram Regency, protested against the decision of the Bula District Court (PN) Judge which gave a 2-year prison sentence to illegal logging perpetrators.

“He is a wood thief, he destroys our customary forest, he is a fraud, he cleared our forest, the judge and prosecutor’s decision caught a cold,” said Joshua, (Thursday, 5/8/2021). 

As an indigenous citizen, he said he would bring the names of Judge Darmawan Akhmad and Public Prosecutor (JPU) Julivia Selano to the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office and the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Commission for evaluation.

Director of CV SBM Imanuel Quedarusman is the defendant in the recently convicted illegal logging case mentioned above. The indigenous people of Maluku did not accept the sentence of 2 years in prison because they considered that the illegal logging carried out by the defendant was very widespread. Joshua stated that the defendant had been carrying out illegal logging for decades in the customary forest on Mount Ahwale.

“We ask the Indonesian Attorney General and the Indonesian Prosecutor’s Commission to order Prosecutor Julivia Selano to immediately appeal the decision of the Panel of Judges at the Plain Hunimoa Court, Awal Darmawan Akhmad,” said Yosua.

He considered that the decision of the Bula District Court of Judges was not in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 letter k jo. Article 87 paragraph (1) letter 1 and/or Article 19 letter a jo. Article 94 paragraph (1) letter a of Law Number 18 of 2013 regarding Prevention and Eradication of Forest Destruction which is punishable by a maximum imprisonment of 15 years and a maximum fine of Rp. 100 billion.

“If it’s just a claim like that, it would be better not to process it and just let the person clear our forest,” he added.

Previously, the Panel of Judges of the Dataran Huamoa District Court, Eastern Seram, Maluku, sentenced the defendant Imanuel Quedarusman to illegal logging with a threat of 2 years in prison and a fine of Rp 500 million, on Wednesday (4/8/2021).

Chairman of the Panel of Judges, Awal Darmawan Akhmad in reading his verdict stated that the defendant Yongki was guilty of violating Article 12 letter k of Law Number 18 of 2013 regarding Prevention and Eradication of Forest Destruction and Law Number 8 of 1981 concerning Criminal Procedure Code.

Previously, the Public Prosecutor of the Dataran Huamoa District Court, East Seram, Julvia Selano, demanded the defendant Imanuel Quedarusman alias Yongki with a corporal sentence of 1.2 months.

This case was also colored with protests by the citizens. Demonstrations was held, which then leads to the Werinama Police, Eastern Seram arresting 26 indigenous people of Sabuai, Pematang, Siwalalat, Eastern Seram, Maluku. They were arrested during a protest against illegal logging activities by a company in Mount Ahwale.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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