In DKMS, our team has highly standardised approaches in serving our clients especially in a really difficult legal situation. Such approaches include embracing clients’ interests and needs as priority, putting emphasis on the laws and regulations, thinking out of the box, team-working and networking, and training and development.

Embracing clients’ interests and needs as priority


Fast and Accurate response are the most common values that most of clients will require. Thus, we will strive our best to dedicate our time and to put best efforts to find a sound solution for them in a timely manner.

Putting emphasis on the laws and Regulations


In advising our clients, we will always bear in mind the prevailing laws and regulations as well as all sources of law. Our team has done numerous research towards the prevailing laws and regulations in various matters including but not limited to corporations, business transactions, energy and infrastructure projects, financing etc. Besides, our team keeps on eye on the recent changes of the laws and regulations.

Thinking out of the box


It is generally known that legal issues in many respects in Indonesia are rather challenging. Such challenge is especially found where such matters are not in someways clearly regulated by the prevailing laws and regulations. In the event this case occurs we will always strive to think out of the box to find best solution but the safest ways that will have lowest or zero risks to protect clients’ interests.

Teamworking and Networking


We always consider and value that teamworking is the best approach to get the work done in the very best quality. Hence, we use this approach especially in every difficult and bulky assignment requiring high degree of care.

Besides, to make sure we can get things done as expected, we have maintained a good relationship and wide connections with various parties both government and private institutions either local or International. Hence, we believe that networking is the most valuable asset to reach any noble objectives to offer various solutions to satisfy the interests of our clients.

Training and development


Last but not least, we always wish to be able to add value for our clients. The way we do this is through share and transfer strategic legal knowledge to them. The primary objective for this is to make sure that all of our clients understand the fundamental legal aspects to make the right decisions in their business activities. Such knowledge transfer can be done in various ways such as whilst providing our advise or through a number of training and development activities that may be required.