The Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency Sofyan Djalil gave a keynote speech at the Infrastructure Outlook 2022 broadcast by CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (24/2/2022). In his presentation, Sofyan talked about the urgency of land in infrastructure development.

“The availability of land free of disputes is very important,” he said. In addition, according to Sofyan, land prices must be affordable so that infrastructure programs can be implemented.

He again reminded the government that it has a legal basis in the form of Law 2 of 2012 concerning Land Procurement for Development in the Public Interest. The law is the basis for providing land for public purposes, including infrastructure.

“This law guarantees that land for the public interest will be obtained. Then if it belongs to the people, we will replace it with the term profit-making. Since this law was introduced, land acquisition has practically not become an obstacle anymore,” said Sofyan.

It is very important to be highlighted that Law 2 of 2012 stipulates the procedures of land procurement for development in the public interest. In some special cases, as it is regulated, any land procurement that crosses the land owned by the people, the owner will be compensated accordingly as much as is proper.


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