House Approves 40 Priority National Legislative Program Bills for 2022

Finally, the DPR, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) agreed on a list of Draft Laws (RUU) included in the 2022 Priority National Legislative Program (Prolegnas).

            Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council (Baleg) of the Legislative Assembly, Ibnu Multazam, said that in the preparation of the 2022 Priority National Legislative Program, his party received 86 proposed bills from various parties. Starting from commissions, factions, members of the council, and the community proposed 64 bills. While the government proposed 15 bills, and the Regional Representatives Council with 7 bills. Based on the proposal, the Legislative Council, the government, and the Regional Representative Council agreed on the use of five parameters for the Bill that could be included in the list of the 2022 Priority National Legislative Program. Meanwhile, Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly said the government agreed with Legislative Council’s view.

            As a stakeholder in the formation of laws and regulations, the government invites all parties to commit to completing the discussion of the bill which still leaves several homework in the previous year’s priority National Legislative Program.

            National Legislative Program which regulated in Law (UU) No. 10 of 2004 concerning the Formation of Legislative Regulations, has been seen more as a measuring tool for the performance of the DPR RI in the field of legislation. National Legislative Program is an instrument for planning a law formation program that is formulated in a planned, integrated, and systematic manner in the context of manifesting a national legal system

            Therefore, it is hoped that the performance of the Priority National Legislative Program in 2022 will be better. This must be reflected in the increasing number of realizations of the completion of the bill. It is also hoped that the synergy between the government and the DPR and DPD can work well in the planning, drafting, and discussing legislation.

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