OJK Prepares New Regulations to Strengthen Digital Bank Security

MediaJustitia.com: Financial Services Regulation (POJK) Number 12 of 2021 regarding New Commercial Banks and Number 13 of 2021 regarding Commercial Bank Products is deemed to not contain details regarding the security of a bank service. 

Digital bank based on POJK No. 12 of 2021 is a bank with a legal entity in Indonesia that provides digitalized financial services. Digital banks include banks that have conventional bank shells which then provide services to the digital realm.

In line with these developments, OJK is preparing a new, more stringent regulations regarding supervision so that it is expected to narrow the space for cybercriminals to move.

“We don’t have a legal basis for protecting consumer data. But we have put in place pillars for that, because consumer protection is a concern at OJK,” said Anung Herlianto, Executive Director of Banking Research and Regulations of the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

In addition to tightening regulations, Anung also asked the public who uses bank services to be more careful in assessing things in cyberspace and to not carelessly provide access to secret information such as pins and passwords. Banks should also be more active in educating their customers regarding digital literacy.

Head of Sub-Directorate 3 of the Directorate of Cyber Crime, Bareskim Polri, Police Commissioner Kustoni said that consumers are not the only goal of digital education. Kustoni also hopes that devices will be updated, application security upgraded regularly, diligently conducting tests and implementing digital information security certification. The development of these vulnerable aspects is carried out so that they can mitigate data security in banking services.

Beyond that, digital data security must also be the responsibility of the financial institutions providing the services as regulated by law.

“So far, supervision is weak, law enforcement is also weak. If responsibility cannot be maintained, over time the public’s trust will fade,” said Asep Irawan, a criminal law expert.

Continuing Asep’s words, the Legal Executive Director of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) Ary Zulfikar asked the public not to worry about saving money in the bank.

“The LPS’ job is to provide information that customer funds are safe. So, consumers must understand that they should not reveal confidential data, pins and passwords. Consumers are also required to monitor their accounts, so they can know the movement of money and be suspicious if they see suspicious transactions,” he said.

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