Supply of Drinking Water for Three Areas in North Sumatera as a New Development by Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements

Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements is currently developing Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) for regional scale in North Sumatera namely in Medan, Binjai and Deli Serdang (Mebidang). Mebidang Region SPAM is planning on serving drinking water needs for 80,000 House Connections or equal to 400.000 lives.

The Minister of Public Works and Human Settlements, Basuki Hadimuljono said that the regional scale SPAM service was prioritized to meet domestic needs in order for the people to enjoy quality drinking water at affordable price continuously for 24 hours and to improve public health as well.

“The development of Mebidang Region SPAM is part of the efforts by the central and regional governments to improve basic public services in the drinking water sector in an integrated manner until 2023” said Basuki Hadimuljono on Saturday (25/12/2021). The main water supply for Mebidang Region SPAM will be sourced from Bingei Lake with total capacity of 2,200 liters per second. Basuki Hadimuljono also conveyed that Mebidang Region SPAM will be built in two stages with each stage amounting at 1,100 liters per second.

The Mebidang Region SPAM development by Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements is one of the steps taken by Indonesian government to improve living quality evenly in all parts of the country through infrastructure development. With a total capacity of 2,200 liters, Mebidang Region SPAM is expected to help meet the drinking water demand in such region for up to 83.6%. Moreover, we hope that this development provides the sufficient and adequate water demand in the region continuously for the next few years.


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