This Year, Connectivity Infrastructure Gets A Budget Of IDR 39.70 Trillion

The Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) received a FY 2022 budget of Rp 39.70 trillion.

PUPR Director General of Highways Hedy Rahadian said the majority of the total budget was allocated for connectivity infrastructure programs, which reached Rp 37.30 trillion or 92.94 percent. While the remaining Rp 2.4 trillion is allocated for management support programs.

The connectivity infrastructure programs implemented include road construction with an allocation of IDR 5.48 trillion or 13.40 percent, flyover and underpass construction of IDR 5.32 trillion or 13.40 percent, road and bridge preservation of IDR 20.08 trillion or 52. 84 percent. Then for highways Rp 4.78 trillion or 12.03 percent and support for regulation, guidance and supervision (Turbinwas), Urgent Handling and Emergency Response (PMTD) and central activities Rp 740 billion or 1.88 percent.

Hedy explained that this year, the budget allocation for preserving and strengthening roads and bridges in Indonesia is very limited, which is only Rp. 18.028 trillion. Meanwhile, to increase road stability to reach 95 percent this year, a budget of around Rp. 30.587 trillion is needed. That way, there is a road and bridge preservation backlog of up to Rp. 14 trillion.

As a result, the road stability target will decrease to 90.71 percent of the original target of 95 percent. In fact, Bina Marga estimates that the number of damaged roads this year will increase. This year alone there are 3,848 kilometers of damaged roads and bridges. In addition, there are also marginal road conditions along 2,902 kilometers.

It can be seen that in the connectivity infrastructure budget, apart from being allocated for development, it is also allocated to road maintenance and maintenance. Even though there is a decrease in the budget allocation, of course this care and maintenance must still be carried out.

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