Market Consultation of the Bodri Dam Project

By Izaldi Fikri Muhammad (18/11/2021)

The Government continues to support economic equity and improve welfare by accelerating infrastructure development throughout Indonesia. The Government through the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlemens held a Market Consultion for the Bodri Dam Project at Pullman Thamrin, Jakarta, on the 18th of November 2021. The main goal of the market consultation is to appeal the project to any prospective investor, which would help in the funding of the project.

The event started off with the introduction which was given by the Regent of Kendal, Dico M Ganinduto. During the speech, Ganinduto focuses on the importance of the project. He stated that Kendal is a very crucial area for the economic growth of Central Java. Kendal is the priority destination area of borobudur, has the longest coastline in Central Java, has a sustainable food land area of 22000 hectares, the number 2 largest egg producer in Indonesia, and the growth center of Central Java through exports and employment from the Kendal industrial area, which has already designated as a special economic zone.

“Kendal Regency has a vision and mission, namely, to develop sustainable and integrated industry and tourism, therefore it is very important to build this Bodri Dam in Kendal Regency.” said Ganinduto. Ganinduto then continues on stating of other national strategic projects that will be established in Kendal such as the Kendal International Port. The Bodri Dam project is very important for the Kendal Regency and Central Java in general, in addition to overcoming the problem of raw water to industrial areas, the Bodri Dam is also very important for water control or flood control in Kendal Regency and its surroundings. The Dam would also help in regard to national food barns, clean water for the people and industry, also creating new tourist destinations and creating green renewable energy. Ganinduto also states that he is committed, as the Regent of Kendal, to make investing in projects in Kendal easier for investors.

The market consultation then went on discussing several aspects of the projects such as investment opportunities and challenges of the project, PPP (Public Private Partnerships) scheme, Availability Payment (AP) mechanism and government guarantees. There are key note speakers in the market consultation such as Herry Trisaputra Director General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Financing, Moris Nuami Director of Infrastructure Planning of the Ministry of Investment/BKPM, Astu Gagono Infrastructure and Social PPP Coordinator Directorate of Development Funding for Development Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas and Yonathan S. Hadi Head of Sub-Directorate of Government Support, Directorate of Government Support Management and Infrastructure Financing, Ministry of Finance. The attendees were given the opportunity to ask anything in regard to PPP projects in general and specifically in regard to the Bodri Dam Project, which was answered by the experts available in the market consultation.

The market consultation held today aims to entice any would be investors to invest in the project which would give it the funding needed to run smoothly, and to also educate and answer questions that were asked by attendees with the hopes that it would also help entice prospective investors for other PPP projects in the future.


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