Clean Water Supply Infrastructure in Mandalika to be Built Soon

PT ITDC Nusantara Utility (ITDC NU) which is a subsidiary of ITDC in the field of utility management together with PT Perusahaan Air Indonesia America (PAIA) signed a cooperation agreement (PKS) for infrastructure development and clean water supply in The Nusa Dua, Bali and The Mandalika, Lombok, NTB, Thursday, 11th of November 2021. This collaboration aims to meet the need for clean water by increasing the reliability of the system for The Nusa Dua and The Mandalika areas as a fulfilment of the ITDC Service Level Agreement (SLA) and controlling the use of groundwater in the area.

ITDC NU and PAIA plans to build clean water supply infrastructure. PAIA invests in the Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) 3000 ConcenTrace Mineral Drops (CMD) production unit and installation of distribution pipes to tenants in The Nusa Dua area with a Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) cooperation scheme for 20 years. for The Mandalika, this collaboration includes the provision of clean water which is estimated to reach 20,000 cubic meters per day after the area is fully developed. Meanwhile, the water demand at The Nusa Dua is estimated to reach 10,000 cubic meters per day after the pandemic ends.

The provision of sustainable and reliable clean water will complement utility services in The Nusa Dua area that have been managed by ITDC NU such as wastewater treatment projects in the Nusa Dua lagoon, clean water and irrigation water treatment, solar power plants, as well as the provision of neutral infrastructure and information and communication technology services. Meanwhile at The Mandalika, in addition to collaborating with PAIA, ITDC NU has also collaborated on utilities in The Mandalika Area with several SOEs (BUMN) including PT Telkom and Angkasa Pura Support.

ITDC NU and PT Telkom cooperate in providing information and communication technology needs in The Mandalika Area. A synergy program with Angkasa Pura Support in the form of preparing workers for the WSBK event is done as a form of empowering local communities around The Mandalika.


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