Developing Medical Tourism, BP Batam Prepares Sekupang International Health SEZ

The Central Government continues to intensify efforts to develop health tourism or medical tourism. Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan revealed the plan to form the Indonesia Health Tourism Board (IHTB) (15/9), to develop medical tourism or national medical tourism.

The same were taken by the Batam Concession Agency (BP Batam). Where, BP Batam began to develop the area to become a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Kesehatan Internasional Sehat (KIS) in Sekupang, Batam.

A member of BP Batam’s Strategic Policy Division, Enoh Suharto Pranoto, said in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) themed, ‘Innovation of Government Cooperation with Business Entities to Build an International Standard Health SEZ in Sekupang Batam’ on Wednesday (15/9) morning, that it is hoped that the SEZ KIS development plan in Sekupang, Batam can capture opportunities for medical tourists.

Through the FGD, BP Batam received input regarding the cooperation model that could be developed because it was hoped that Batam would get an international partner. Especially those who have been seeking treatment abroad. Medical tourism is expected to develop, without disrupting existing medical services.

“The development of the KIS SEZ can also create a medical ecosystem that supports health areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and accommodation services,” said Enoh.

Admittedly, his party is currently preparing a plan for the development of the Sekupang International Health SEZ. This is intended to capture the potential of the Indonesian health market, where before the pandemic conditions, patient spending for treatment abroad increased from 2015 to 2019.

“Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategy for developing, marketing, and an appropriate international standard health area cooperation model so that it is able to meet market needs in Indonesia,” Enoh hoped.

This FGD is attended by featured speakers such as, Director of Referral Health Services Ministry of Health, dr. Siti Khalimah, the Secretary General of the Central Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI) dr. Lia G Partakusuma and the General Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian PPP Professional Experts, Dr. Herawati Zetha Rahman, MT.

Head of the Batam KPBPBB Development Center and BP Batam SEZ, Irfan Syakir Widyasa, assessed that the Sekupang area became a new magnet for health tourism. Integrated with other new tourist destinations that will be launched. “That is the BP Batam Deer Park and in the Sekupang area there is also a Sekupang Agribusiness Area, Fisherism Tanjung Riau and Agro Marina Area,” said Irfan.

Meanwhile, Lia G Partakusuma expressed support from PERSI for medical tourism activities at the International Standard Health SEZ in Sekupang, Batam. Provided input to encourage the birth of more specific advantages.

“Choose specific advantages, it is not difficult with human resources, tools, facilities which are all available in Batam. I am sure that this project will become a proud tourist destination in Indonesia,” Lia said.

Meanwhile, Herawati Zetha said that the Health SEZ is part of the vision of the elected President-Vice President for the 2020-2024 RPJMN. According to her, in a PPP, the Government and the BU/Private Company work together to procure assets. BU provides services to the community for an agreed period of time and after the cooperation period ends, all assets built are handed back to the government,” Herawati explained.

“To see the effectiveness / efficiency of a PPP, it can be done through Value for Money, which is easily interpreted as one method of determining that an infrastructure provision activity has greater benefits if it is carried out through a PPP scheme or by the Government / Public Sector Comparator,” she appealed. (ap)

16 September 2021

Head of Bureau of Public Relations Promotion and Protocol
Ariastuty Sirait